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Artisan Kombucha brewery in Bruges

Ambition for health

FERM was started out of our own ambition to consume less sugary drinks and less alcohol. We wanted to break unhealthy habbits from the past and decided to make this our life mission. We stand behind our products. Drink them every day and want to share this passion with the world! Kombucha has been a gamechanger in our lives. It's become our "happy-drink". Our coffee moment. Our cup of comfort after a hard days work.

kombucha tasting

Established in 2018

After Wouter, one of the founders, had been working on creating a perfect kombucha drink for years, FERM was established in 2018. Since then, after being kicked out of our home kitchens, we moved to small production spaces and bottled everything by hand. Delivered restaurants from door to door with cargo bikes and went out of our ways to bring kombucha wherever we could.

Mid 2019 we moved to the medieval city of Bruges and installed our new brewery inside a larger social workplace. We can proudly say we are one of the only self-producing kombucha breweries in the country and control every step of the process.

All natural, organic & stable

All our drinks are organically certified. Aside from our organic tea and juices we only use natural extracts to make our flavours last forever (well, maybe not forever but at least long enough :-)

Our kombuchas are stable at room temperature and do not require additional refrigeration. "So what about the bacteria!?" we hear you ask. Well, you can read all about that in our blog!

Tea, Love & Passion

We love tea and are passionate about it, it's that simple!

This is my perfect alternative when I stopped drinking sweet soda's. It's even become part of my daily rituals!

Sander V.

I never thought non-alcoholic drinks could get so exciting! :-)

Sophie M.

As a restaurant owner, this was a welcome change in between the classics!

Peter D.